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“”View Page Source” would not contain the word “octopus”. Similarly, if some of your content is created dynamically, the page source will not include all the content you will want the crawler to see.

In other words “View Page Source” is exactly what the crawler gets.

In current practice, “progressive enhancement” in the form of Hijax-links are often used

When creating your links, format them so they’ll offer a static link as well as calling a JavaScript function

foo 32

Note that the static link’s URL has a parameter (?foo=32) instead of a fragment (#foo=32), which is used by the AJAX code. This is important, as search engines understand URL parameters but often ignore fragments. Web developer Jeremy Keith labeled this technique as Hijax. Since you now offer static links, users and search engines can link to the exact content they want to share or reference.(Hijax)

<a href="ajax.htm?foo=32" onClick="navigate('ajax.html#foo=32'); return false">foo 32</a>

Google ajax crawling

Crawling simulator


Download, unzip, run

java -jar crawljax-web-3.5.jar

Snapshots tools


PhantomJS : lightweight, fast generation