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Angular Try

My Rails App repo integrated with Augular followed RailsCast episode, Under the repo, there is a simple one page todo list demo which includes key words: ng-bind, ng-repeat, ng-model. Also includes a small usage of filter, directive.

You may start with try to under the example on the index page from Augular site

Strongly recommand video tutorials from : Egghead - Bite-sized web development training with AngularJS, short clips but very helpful.

Also, recommand two short screencasts from codeschool AugualrJS if you have suscription.


Adding new behavior to or transforming the DOM.

Wirtten with carmel cased names, invoked by translating to snake case with ‘-’ or ‘_’, optionally, prefix with x- or data- to make HTML validator compliant.

Can be used in element names, attributes, class names, comments.


data-ng-model : html5

ng-model ng-bind

directives: run in this order to modify: template-dom dom


Karma - end to end testing

Adding gem ‘angularjs-rails’

Application.js //= require angular //= require angular-resource


Angular extention for debugging in Chrome check here.