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Use Sublime 2 Efficiently

As the note I had before, for IDE or text editor, there are many shortcuts and key combinations will enable us to work with them moving faster. I always prefer learn by steps due to the brain volume…

Logistics - efficient way to use Mac

cmd + H : hide your window cmd + alt + H : hide other windows

ctrl + F2 : move focus to menu bar ctrl + F3 : move focus to dock ctrl + F8 : move focus to status bar


cmd + enter : insert line after cmd + shift + enter: insert line before

cmd + d : select word cmd + l : select line

cmd + k, cmd + u/l : convert to upper/lower case

ctrl + m : jumpt to match bracket

cmd + j : combine two lines

alt + mouse : select by columns ctrl + k : delete to the end


cmd + b : build based on your code language